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Magic Lamp

Things that levitate are awesome. This Silhouette Lamp is no exception. Using a simple but ultra-modern technology, the top half of the lamp hovers impressively over its base.

No tricks, no wires — we’re talking full-on levitation. With its otherwise classically antique styling, it’s a truly conversation-starting piece. Stick it someplace inconspicuous and place bets on how long it takes guests to go over and investigate;

Simple Life
These days, phones do everything but wash the dishes for you. (We’re still hoping that makes it to the next iPhone upgrade.) But for those who truly believe less is more, there’s John’s Phone. This ultra-simple device does one thing, and one thing only: phone calls. You can’t even text on it. It’s a retro-fantastic solution for those ADD types who know that distraction is their worst enemy; $99.99,

Smart Money
Everyone knows that higher education is one of the best investments you can make for your children — but the cost of that investment seems to be ever-increasing. Luckily, for savvy parents there are ways to minimize college costs without sacrificing quality.
• Name Game: When saving money for college, make sure you don’t put dollars in the student’s name. That’s a quick way to detract from the financial aid packages you may eventually be offered. Assessment rates for student assets are 20% — as opposed to rates for parents of 2.6%-5.6%.
• Pay Off: Be smart about making payments. Financial aid analysts don’t take into account unsecured debt when examining your assets — so use that cash to pay off loans or credit cards before you fill out any of your applications.
• Free Money: When it comes to applying for scholarships, apply first for those you’ve got the best chance of actually getting. The fewer people who would be eligible to apply, the more likely your efforts will end in success.
• Grant Power: Don’t forget grants! Many are awarded based on performance rather than strictly need, which can mean even those with larger expected contributions can still get a break.
• Be Smart: Consider getting requirements out of the way at a less expensive community or public school before transferring to a big-money private institution. The admissions department will be able to tell you what courses will transfer for full credit.

Jonathan Rogers is a financial analyst with over 30 years of experience in managing loans and getting debt under control. Now retired, he spends his summers in Chicago and his winters between the Caribbean and South Florida.

Cool Schools
Everybody tells you higher education is good for the soul, and for the resume. But we’re figuring these particular schools are simply good for making you way cooler than you already are.

Superhero 101
Want to blast through the skies like Ironman? All you have to do is head to Jetpack School. Run by Eric “Rocketman” Scott, you’ll learn how to properly control your thrusters. Note: You need to bring your own pack;




Fin Lessons
Most people flee from them in terror, but at Shark School, you can get up-close and personal with nature’s scariest beast. Hopefully you won’t end up wishing you brought a bigger boat;




Spooky Degree
Getting a Ph.D. and telling people to call you “Doctor” is cool. Being “Doctor of Parapsychology” is even cooler. At the Eisner Institute, you can specialize in Remote Viewing & Past Life Regression;