Magic Carpet

A cool $5.5 million for a real magic carpet ready to whisk you around the globe is a deal few would pass on, which is exactly what you get in the form of the HondaJet Elite S.
Words by Bill Lindsey | September 26, 2021 | Luxury

While better known for motorcycles and the scores of Accords on every highway in the world, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company has been building and selling private aircraft since 2015. HondaJets are built in North Carolina, not far from where the Wright Brothers kickstarted aviation. While a newcomer to private aviation, Honda has created a niche of “personal” private jets with the compact yet very capable line of HondaJets. The new Elite S has a maximum range of 1,437 nm at up to 420 knots and can utilize smaller airports, making it an extremely viable means of transporting up to 6 passengers to destinations not available to commercial flights or larger corporate jets. The distinctive design stands out in the air or at the flightline due to its compact size of just over 36’ wide and 42’ long with over-the-wing engine placement which allows for a fast, smooth, efficient flight. Company Founder Michimasa Fujino is said to have stated the distinctive nose was inspired by Salavatore Ferragamo shoes. HondaJet offers flight training for owners wishing to take the controls;