Lunar Lure

Does the moon get you in the mood? Perhaps more than you know. If the culmination of the lunar cycle makes you want to bom chika wah wah, don’t fret, you have company.
Text by Ros Prado | May 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s a scientific fact that certain species use the lunar cycle for mating purposes — corals, horseshoe crabs and wolves, to name a few. But can the moon really put you in the mood? Astrologers believe full moons awaken all sorts of emotions in humans and can evoke passionate and romantic feelings. Although this theory has not yet been proven, scientist are currently studying the relationship between the moon cycle and hormonal changes in humans. Because if the moon can alter the tides of the ocean, why would it be so far-fetched that it can influence our sexual desires? So whether its a mental thing or a physical thing, it’s unlikely that we will start planning our carnal encounters to match the lunar calendar — seriously, who has time for that? But next time the full moon reaches its peak, and you find yourself desiring intimacy, know that the moon might have just stirred some deep sensual emotions within you. Think about it. And do something.