Lovely Vintages

At Foss Marai, each product is conceived as a work of art, from the beautiful bottles that have become collectors’ items to the divine sparkling Foss Marai Superiorie di Valdobbiadene DOCG wines inside.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 29, 2022 | Lifestyle

All Foss Marai proseccos are as eye-catching as they are delicious. Their carefully curated catalog of glamorous labels represents a collection of Italian sparkling wines known for their unique quality and sophistication. These superior vintages can only come from the experience gained over the many years of creating masterpieces in a glass, elegance on a stem; from the craftsmanship of the vintner, enhanced by daily research and continuous technological innovation. Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is a magnificent area, but difficult to cultivate; where the art of wine growing has become perfectly integrated and superbly developed in harmony with the particular geographic, physical and climatic aspects of the landscape, leading to a sort of co-evolution between man and the land. Foss Marai’s collection of elegant bottles make every sip an occasion with a quality that always stands out at the highest levels in the international wine market. Simply put, Foss Marai represents the best of Italian sparkling wines in the world;