Lovely Excess

In a world full of lifted pickup trucks and jeeps bouncing past on the highway, there exists another, more urbane way to fulfill offroad fantasies — the Mercedes-AMG G63 “G Wagon.”
Words by Bill Lindsey | November 22, 2022 | Lifestyle

While the vast majority of four-wheel-drive vehicles rarely venture off paved surfaces, it’s reassuring to know they could, just in case the situation calls for it. While many off-road capable vehicles exchange civility for brawniness, resulting in rides that could crack fillings, the folks at Mercedes-AMG’s in-house tuner department, have delivered a vehicle that serves as a reliable daily-driver, chock-full of luxury amenities, yet could cross the Kalahari Desert without breaking a sweat. The exterior of the Mercedes-AMG G63 epitomizes the concept of “no-nonsense,” but a peek inside reveals a leather-wrapped cabin as comfortable as a lounge. An infotainment system keeps the driver well-informed about the mechanical system from tire air pressure to the G36’s angle as it climbs hills or cruises across the shopping mall’s parking lot. Passengers are cosseted in plush leather seating set high to provide a wonderful view of the passing scenery, with ample room further aft for cargo, big dogs, or a few week’s worth of groceries. Powered by a 577-hp 4-liter V8 linked to a 9-speed transmission, the G63 has ample power to tow boats or scoot up highway access ramps. The exact opposite of discreet, this beast is a mobile joyride for those who revel in excess;