Looks & Brains

It can be difficult to choose between the rugged good looks of an iconic timepiece and the massive functionality of a smart watch, which is why you’ll love Alpina’s uber-smart, seriously sexy SeaStrong Dive Watch.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 11, 2018 | Luxury

The dive watch is one of the most popular watch styles worldwide. However, despite their dashing, “I Could Be A Navy SEAL” looks, they aren’t very smart, capable of only telling you the current time and how much of a 60-minute period has elapsed. If you demand more, consider the Alpina SeaStrong Horological Smartwatch. Known for their virtually indestructible, professional-grade dive watches with mechanical movements, the new SeaStrong links to Android and Apple phones for voice, e-mail and text alerts. It updates time and date automatically and can also track fitness and sleep cycles (which could be embarrassing) while a battery keeps it ticking even if it sits idle for several days. The lightweight fiberglass housing with uni-directional bezel and no-nonsense rubber wristband allows it to be worn 24/7 to a depth of 330 feet. Dials can be had in blue or black, matched to green, black, navy or orange bezels. Smart and sexy — what a nice combo;