Looking Good

A trailblazer in curating signature styles and chic looks, Jo Paes creates powerful images. Whether it’s selecting a wardrobe or accessorizing a photo shoot, her objective is to make the subject look and feel their best.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 28, 2020 | Fashion

Talk about a career change! Fashion stylist Jo Paes worked for many years in private banking before returning to her true love of fashion. “The career transition took place almost 15 years ago, when I moved to New York with my husband and daughter,” she says. “After I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), I was referred to renowned clients that I had already started a professional relationship with during the course of my schooling.” For quite some time, her birthday gifts were specialized courses at the Marangoni Institute in Paris, Milan or FIT in NY. During a visit to Paris, she was invited to an event at Colette. Before arriving, she decided to stop by Le Bon Marche. “I fell in love with a piece from Karl Lagerfeld and ended up buying it,” she says. “I went straight to Colette, and to my surprise, when I entered the store, I came across Karl Lagerfeld himself! It’s something those who believe in destiny would understand. When I was leaving the store, I heard a voice very close behind me saying : ‘You have good taste!’ — that was when I turned around to say ‘thanks’ and it was Mr. Lagerfeld who was saying that to me. It turns out he was making a reference to the shopping bag with his name on it that I was carrying with me. When I tried to take a selfie of us, I ended up taking a picture of the building! That’s when one of his security guards noticed my distress and kindly offered to take our picture. We posed and Karl said: “Show them the bag!” Today she uses her sharp eye and innate sense of style as a personal stylist, fashion consultant, personal shopper and to create fabulous fashion industry events. What’s next for this cutting-edge influencer? “This year I want to dedicate more time to editorials for magazines and campaigns,” she says; @JoPaesFashion; [email protected].