Looking Forward

South Florida and The Caribbean have strong ties tightly intertwined over the past 500 years. A new exhibit builds on that intriguing past to take an enthralling look forward.
Words by Stacy Wynn | June 26, 2019 | Lifestyle

In contemporary art, The Caribbean is often represented by its traumatic, colonial past and trials that linger in the present. The Other Side Of Now seeks to think beyond narratives of catastrophe that continue to frame the region. In this exhibition, The Caribbean is conceptualized as both a complex spatial configuration and a temporal formation in progressive and subversive terms. The concept challenges 14 artists from The Caribbean and its diaspora, working within and outside the region, to give us their visions of a future, using and an expansive approach, speculating on times to come. Beyond a purely representational methodology, the collection embraces alternative ways of being and making. The result is a curatorial initiative composed of an exhibition and publication, both attempting to answer the question: What might a Caribbean future look like?; July 18, 2019-June 7, 2020;