Look Again

Photo-realistic marine artist Jamie Medlin began his career at age 16 when he enrolled at the Falmouth School of Art & Design and began painting the local working boat fleet.
Copy of Mariquita and Tuiga Westward Cup 2010 140516

At first glance you may think the work of Jamie Medlin looks to be breathtaking photography, but in fact they are real-life nautical paintings created using a photographic style for maximum detail and accuracy. He’s been described as one of the finest living marine artists whose work has garnered international recognition. His near-photographic attention to detail is perfectly suited to the yachts he depicts, evoking memories of the golden age of yachting, which when combined with the color and vibrancy of his paintings, makes these works nostalgic, modern masterpieces. Currently, he has several new paintings available and his artwork is auctioned semi-regularly at renowned auction houses such as Christie’s. The artist also offers gorgeous limited-edition prints, which is a good thing as the originals can sell for as much as a real boat;