Living Right

Normally, when you hear the word “garden” used when talking about real estate, it refers to landscaping. Dylan Terry is out to change all that.
Text Sandy Lindsey | June 4, 2018 | People

Miami native Dylan Terry discovered gardening as a teenager. Today, he installs organic gardens around South Florida as Ready-To-Grown Gardens. His ecologically-minded endeavors are about to take a giant leap forward with his largest commission to date and first luxury project for a developer. As such, he’ll be planting 15 garden beds in 5 Related Group projects, starting with Brickell Heights. “It’s very exciting to be working on one of the first developments in South Florida that includes edible gardens as an integral part of the lifestyle and amenities package,” he says. The beds will feature a variety of vegetables and herbs. What’s more, Terry and his team will maintain them once a month and encourage residents to partake in the upkeep of the gardens as well;