Live Securely

The world is ever-changing…and not always for the better. Specialized Protection Services understands this and offers professional executive, personal, property, private event, place-of-worship protection and much more.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 16, 2018 | People

Recent cutbacks to local, county and state law enforcement budgets means there aren’t always enough cops to meet the demand. Specialized Protection was created to fill this void. Founded by a pair of long-time law enforcement and security professionals with 40 years combined experience, they offer sharply-honed skills and invaluable real-world skillsets in the fields of police and detective work, investigations, surveillance, protection of valuable goods and high-profile personnel, operations management and more. “There’s no price on peace of mind, your safety, and protecting your assets,” says Co-Founder Jay Marin, an award-winning law enforcement officer and active board member of the Florida Association Of Private Investigators. He has an extensive background in all aspects of law enforcement, from investigations to tactical and diplomatic protection. His training, knowledge, network and experience is just one of the reasons Specialized Protection is a top choice for clients seeking armed or unarmed executive protection and security. Co-Founder Steven Rachminov brings a diverse background in security, event management and gemology to the company. “I’ve worked in the diamond and jewelry industry, as well as run operations for the armored truck industry,” he says. “My work has seen me successfully manage overseas shipments of priceless cargo, secure major New York City jewelry showrooms, efficiently manage large teams of security officers and more.” When diamond and jewelry salesmen travel, their mind should be focused on making business and closing deals. “They shouldn’t be worried about being robbed or the safety of their life,” he continues. “That’s where Specialized Protection comes in. We take that concern off their shoulders. Failure is not an option.”;