Live Raw

There’s nothing wrong with having your cake and eating it too. After all, life is about indulging, but it’s also about being balanced. After one too many slices of cake, going back to the basics for some bodily cleansing is essential.
Text by Carla Torres | June 4, 2018 | Lifestyle

Few foods elicit satisfaction once they’ve been depleted of all their natural enzymes. That’s why cold-pressed juice is all the rage, leaving raw in the mix. At On Juice, detox is delivered to your front door. Thirteen cold-pressed juices will change the way you see the unlucky number and make you a believer that whole foods don’t always need to be eaten whole. Even reality stars Jonathan Cheban and best friend Kim Kardashian inspired one of the company’s nourishing libations, The Pink Drink — a refreshing concoction of watermelon, cucumber, honeydew, lime and mint. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can pick your juice lineup by color, ingredient or cleanse type. Whether you’re looking for a skin healer, post-partum elixir, natural balance creator or a recharger, On Juice will satiate your needs and purify your body one sip at a time; 800.495.5008;