Little Details

Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual. Location: Icon Brickell | June 26, 2018 | Lifestyle

The other day I was hurrying down Brickell Ave. on the way to a meeting when a driver stopped at a red light, rolled down her window, honked at me and yelled: “I love your magazine!” That brief encounter got me thinking. What exactly did she love about the magazine? The cover? Front-of-book? Back-of-book? The social pages? My “Editor’s Memo”? Though I didn’t get the answer from her before the light turned, I have gotten feedback from other readers I’ve had a little more time to chat with around town. And the interesting thing is that when people tell me what they like about the magazine, in 30 seconds or less, they don’t usually refer to an entire section or part of the magazine. Instead, they bring up a specific thing they came across on our pages that caused them to laugh, cry, aspire, get frustrated, ponder, learn…(The range of reactions I’ve heard over the years is too long to list here.) Some like our covers, others like the articles that are tied into them. Some people like the products we introduce them to, while others enjoy the fun facts or expert columns we sprinkle throughout each issue. Then there’s the bigger features that many look forward to each year including our annual “Top 20 Under 40” and “Dressed For Success” cover stories. What I’m getting at is that every single part of something — or someone — can never appeal to everyone. But paying attention to every little detail and being well-rounded, mindful and passionate about what you’re putting out to the world is key to getting people to take notice of you and your efforts.

Jorge Arauz

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