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Table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, recessed fixtures, exterior options...the many ways to illuminate a home can seem overwhelming at times. Here are a few outstanding options in a world of wonderful design.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos courtesy of respective brands | June 1, 2018 | Culture & Art

1. Transmit Sealight Cost: $1,299 Why we picked it: The Transmit Sealight offers more than just great illumination. It’s an 83-inch tall polished chrome & espresso wood piece of functional personality. The nautical theme fits especially well in oceanfront Miami, while the adjustable spotlight on its telescopic tripod base allows for on-site customization. Where to get it: El Dorado Furniture; 2475 SW 8th St., Miami; 305.642.4355;

2. Eveline Cost: Price available upon request Why we picked it: The minimalist base starts with a natural glossy brass frame, complements it with 4 smoked cheery wood inserts and tops it off with a pagoda lampshade to add a slight bit of curve to this otherwise linear light. The lampshade is available in beige, white and an eye-catching red. Where to get it: Armani/Casa Miami; 10 NE 39th St., Design District; 305.573.4331;

3. Q3 Chandelier Cost: $20,950 Why we picked it: The Q3 Chandelier by Baxter captures a sky full of brilliant stars or the glitter of a shimmering city at night. The tiny exposed lightbulbs of this cubed masterpiece are regimented in rows to add a depth and volume that captures and holds the viewer’s gaze. Where to get it: Internum & Design; 3841 NE 2nd Ave., Ste. 101, Design District; 305.576.1135;

4. AH Signature Floor Lamp Cost: Price available upon request Why we picked it: Adriana Hoyos has a passion for timeless design and sophistication that’s epitomized in the AH Signature Floor Lamp. The striking creation combines the key elements the brand is known best for: nature, simplicity and classic style, culminating in a lamp with a relaxed zen ambience. Where to get it: Adriana Hoyos; 4120 NE 2nd Ave., Design District; 305.572.9052;

5. LED Spotlight Cost: $150 each, installed Why we picked it: The right landscape lighting will significantly improve a home’s exterior. The Garden Light LED spotlight features durable construction for up-lighting, shadowing, wall wash, silhouette and architectural accents with a LED life expectancy of 60,000 hours, or 20+ years at 8 hours a day. Where to get it: Miami Landscape Lighting, Inc.; 2400 SW 3rd Ave., Ste. 401, Miami; 305.479.5531;

6. Giraffe Nightlight Cost: $99 Why we picked it: Land Of Nod understands children, including their fear of the dark. This sweet yet stylish modernistic giraffe “sticks his neck out” to temper concerns about monsters under the bed while adding some happy whimsy to the room décor of kids of all ages. Where to get it: Land Of Nod; 800.933.9904;