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Text by Sandy Lindsey | June 8, 2018 | Lifestyle

An increasing number of foreign nationals are investing in or establishing businesses in the U.S. either to diversify their portfolio or to expand their existing business into a new market. I typically see 3 scenarios under which foreign nationals invest in businesses in the U.S.: 1.) Expansion of an existing foreign business into the U.S.; 2.) An individual who has aspired to own a certain type of business and the U.S. is the most receptive environment to establish the business; or 3.) An investor has recognized an emerging market or technology and desires to capitalize on the opportunity. The investor must decide what type of entity to utilize. Another consideration is whether to buy an existing “turnkey” operation or to begin a new venture. When buying the former, it’s important to examine the company and its history. We provide advice to domestic and foreign clients and help them understand the many aspects associated with investing in and structuring a business venture in the U.S. The above considerations are only a brief overview and I recommend that anyone considering investing in any business consult the appropriate tax and legal advisors.

Brian D. Stringer is a Partner at Piquet Law Firm in Brickell. He focuses his practice on corporate, real estate and transactional law; 786.558.8054;

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Text by Sandy Lindsey

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