Learning Leaders

At KLA Elementary School, they believe in an education that is not based on one single theory. Its teachers offer students the resources that they need to feel confident and become active citizens in their communities.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | Photos courtesy of KLA Schools | April 2, 2018 | Lifestyle

Understanding how important it is for students to have meaningful life encounters that nurture and respect each child’s experiences, KLA Elementary School immerses them in a safe and inspiring atmosphere where authentic learning can truly take place. It provides a holistic environment, enriched with programs thoughtfully developed to challenge and encourage children through physical education, music, art, cooking, technology/engineering and more. Their progressive approach takes the whole child into account, aligning their interests with the diverse fields of knowledge they will encounter during their formative years. Children are exposed to a variety of experiences cultivated to enhance and foster critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. Most importantly, the superior staff understands and values children’s uniqueness and learning styles;;