Leading Edge

For over 30 years, FrameWorks has been a leading force behind hundreds of creative products from framing and printing to art consulting and oversized commercial projects. Their new online framing site takes their services to an entirely new level.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | April 26, 2021 | Lifestyle

FrameWorks is taking on “big boys” with their new online framing site. They do everything giant impersonal corporations can, but do it better with local, high-quality materials. It’s ideal for the client who wants to frame images directly from their phone or computer. Your framing order will be expertly ready in a week and you can pick it up right here in Miami. Their online prices are highly competitive as they have pooled the buying power of several frame shops and the savings are passed on to the buyer. Entering the e-commerce market is just one part of their push to be more diverse in their goods and services, take on new clientele and compete with big companies trying to squeeze out the locals. FrameWorks offers a wide variety of framing, bundles and Gallery Walls. Plus, all their years of expertise, creativity and personalized service they are legendary for can be expected with each order;