Keratine Keen

It’s no secret: If you live in Florida, your hair is going to need a keratin treatment for the summer. But deciding to have the treatment is just the start. Hisham Sahbane of Hair By Hisham has the scoop.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 26, 2021 | Lifestyle

Smoothing Keratine treatment works so simply that it’s positively brilliant — it seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz brought on by humid weather while adding natural softness and shine to hair. “I have tons of clients coming in and asking what exactly is a keratin and if it will be good for them,” says Hisham Sahbane of Hair By Hisham. This treatment is not for everyone, however. In fact, an ideal candidate has coarse and frizzy hair. “I highly recommend a keratin to eliminate frizz and soften hair for easier styling, even at home,” he says. But like most chemical treatments, not all keratins are created equal, nor are they for every hair type. This year the trend is for healthier alternatives to formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. “I recommend most of my clients consider our organic version that still delivers smoother, straighter, healthier and frizz-free hair, without any risks,” he says. And for the clients who want to prolong the results, he recommends the Hair by Hisham brand Kera-Refresh to keep hair looking fabulous all year long;