Jurassic Truck

For those who turn their noses up at pickup trucks, we present the Raptor R Edition F-150, the most muscular version of the world’s most popular truck.

If Dr. Frankenstein had a truck, this would be it —take one F-150, add an extensive list of options, and then drop a 700-hp, supercharged V8 powerplant from an asphalt-shredding Mustang GT under the hood. Trips to Home Depot will never be the same. At first glance, the F-150 Raptor R resembles a normal 4-door pickup truck, albeit with some eye-catching graphics and Recaro seating. The biggest clue that this is an extraordinary vehicle comes when the key is turned, bringing the monstrous V8 to life. The four-wheel-drive system has a Baja Mode for those wishing to explore what lies beyond the pavement. Thanks to the big V8 engine, the Raptor R is a good choice for towing large boats or campers, or simply waking up the neighbors as you roll out of the driveway, making every drive a grin-filled adventure;