Jeep Thrills

Every Jeep made since WW2 has been off-road ready, reliable and eager to take on the wilderness. However, they have never been accused of being fast — until now.
Words by Bill Lindsey | August 28, 2019 | Luxury

The Jeep Cherokee is an iconic vehicle that makes it look easy to conquer the Outback, the Rocky Mountains or the Andes. Now it adds the fast lane to its conquests. The all-new Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk features “petite” dimensions that have made it a favorite of city dwellers who need to navigate tight parking garages more often than treacherous mountain passes. Jeepers were blissed when a Hemi engine was made available to perk up the action. But now Jeep has gone full-on crazy by stuffing the engine compartment with the same 707-hp fire-breathing, asphalt-shredding V8 found in the certifiably scary fast Hellcat. The result is a vehicle that can out-accelerate Lamborghinis, cross raging creeks and accommodate a 70” TV in the cargo compartment. At first glance, it looks like a normal Cherokee but a closer inspection reveals a lowered suspension and huge Brembo brakes at each corner. Like all Cherokees, the interior can be as lush as you’d like, lavished with top-caliber leather, wood accents and other goodies;