It’s A Dog’s World

Inspired by the healing power of dogs, this editorial communicates the feelings that our beloved pets give us — a sense of calm, comfort, love, peace and joy. The custom-made pearls represent a human-dog connection that transcends space and time.

Creative Direction & Production: Isa Zapata 
Photographer: Alberto Gonzalez 
Photography Assistant: Miché 
Stylist: Anthony Bermudez 
Fashion Contributors: Marcela Carvalho & Vault Mode 
Beauty: Cesar Ferrette 
Model: Katie for Vault Management 
Pearl Art: Alhaja by Elisa Jimeno 
Contributors: Alexandra Ramos & Clemencia Rizo 
Therapy Dogs: Thor & Gonzo 
Therapy Dog Certification:

There are currently more than 50,000 certified working therapy dogs in the U.S. of all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds.

Therapy dogs date back to WWII, when they were used to boost the spirits of recovering soldiers with PTSD.

Just 12 minutes of pet therapy has been found to improve important health markers in humans of all ages and ailments.