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Life will meet art at The Edge On The River, a streamlined luxury residential tower with 600-ft. tall exterior murals illuminated from within. Miami’s first art boutique design building is on its way and ready to welcome you home in style.
Text Sandy Lindsey Photos courtesy of The Edge On The River | June 4, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Every once in a while, a building comes along that you know will end up featured on tourist postcards. It’s just that completely distinctive. On the vibrant, revitalized Miami River, that building will be The Edge On The River. “The general vision of The Edge is to create an art boutique design building,” says Rafael Aragones, Architect & Developer. “Having studied and lived in the area, I realized there weren’t any residential condos with these characteristics. Therefore, I challenged myself to design something different.”
Different seems almost too mild a word for the result. The first thing that had to be taken into account was the extremely tight dimensions of the building site, which is 14,715 sq. ft. or .34 acres. What might have been a dilemma has actually turned out to be a plus, resulting in a lean/elongated streamlined structure that would be head-turning even without its iconic artwork. “At the beginning, the layout of the terrain presented the biggest challenge,” says Aragones. “This had to be solved by the best structural engineers. After analyzing the facts, I concluded that Vincent De Simon was the best choice, because he has ample experience and is known for his design of skyscrapers in cities like New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and other well-known cities famous for their skyline. To my surprise, when I met him and explained this challenge, a new bond of friendship and humor was forged, which brought about incredible solutions that only an expert of his caliber could bring. At the end of this fun and interesting journey, my vision was fulfilled.”
In a similar manner, he was happily surprised by the positive attitudes and support from the various authorities related to the project. “They opened their arms to this idea of mixing art with architecture and shared my vision of a new development that included the culture of the area, but most of all would generate an artistic focal point in the Miami River that will continue to grow.”
The Edge, however, offers much more than good looks. There’s also the exclusivity factor. This 55-story tower will house just 130 units and only 3 per floor for added privacy. The apartments offer open layouts with stunning double views — a north view of the city and a south view of Brickell and Biscayne Bay. Among new developments in Brickell, this is the only one with a waterfront location that allows residents to enjoy direct access from their yacht/boat to their luxury condo. A drive home takes advantage of the valet parking service and robotic parking similar to what is found in the most lavish and high-tech buildings in Manhattan.
Once inside, the upscale lifestyle includes clubhouse access with a well-equipped gym, a pool, state-of-the-art media room, playroom and a salon for events, parties and meetings. Plus, the sophisticated onsite restaurant will delight even the most demanding palates. “The Edge reflects a vanguard architecture that unites the most advanced construction systems, with modern art and elegance,” says Aragones. What’s more, the building will feature the highest-quality materials including hurricane-proof laminated glass exclusive to the building and a 3rd layer of glass used for acoustic insulation, also unique to The Edge. There will also be total sound-proofing between the units due to the dividing concrete walls more than 3 feet wide, and the kitchens will be integrated with mobile devices.

“The Edge offers much more than good looks. There’s also the exclusivity factor. This 55-story tower will house just 130 units and only 3 per floor for added privacy.”

All this adds up to an excellent investment, and the prices will be very attractive in comparison with other projects in the area that do not offer the same benefits and amenities. “Currently, Brickell is the best investment location in Miami,” assures Aragones. “Additionally, this beautiful city is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country and will be one of the most important in the world, due to its location, climate and Latin flavor.”
Which is exactly why after 32 years as a successful developer in Mexico that Aragones decided to venture outside of his country, choosing the “fascinating city of Miami” as his next stop. His wide-ranging experience includes visualizing, designing, building administrating and negotiating high-quality developments wherever he has worked. “Whether it’s low-income housing, residential homes, hotels or commercial buildings, I maintain the most profitable return on investment with each project, and the best use of the space, with an artistic accent in each project,” he says. “As far as my team, I’ve had the privilege of working with professionals who share my passion. I’ve also collaborated with well-known artists such as Jorge Marin, Rafael Cauduro and others who have offered a unique style that’s distinctive to the fascinating world of real estate.”
The Edge will be Aragones’ greatest accomplishment to date and has already allowed him and his team to create a one-of-a-kind structure with unique geometric and architectural characteristics that amazes with its lines, graphic art and expansive living options. In the end, The Edge On The River will enrich this part of the city with never-before-seen details that will create a new iconic visual attraction in the area while offering an unrivaled enhancement to the surrounding neighborhood.
The Edge On The River will be located at 55 SW Miami Ave. The Sales Center is located at 1492 S. Miami Ave.; 305.775.0277;