Italian Style

The term “sleek Italian roadster” usually conjures up visions of a red Ferrari. But for those who seek style and perfection instead of a stereotype, there’s the Alfa Romeo 4C.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 19, 2018 | Luxury

A European acquaintance once said: “You can’t be a true car aficionado until you have driven an Alfa.” Until recently, the cars were not available in the U.S., making us wonder if we were missing out on something special. We were. The 4C is very similar to a hand-sewn Italian leather loafer: it’s low-slung, sexy and wildly impractical. Powered by a 237 hp, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine placed smack in the middle for perfect weight distribution, it’s a mind-reading vehicle that goes where you want it to go with a flick of the wrist and a blip of the throttle, accentuated by the soundtrack of a burbling exhaust. But it’s not for everyone, which makes it all that much more special for those who dare to think for themselves when choosing a fun vehicle;