Insta Impact

No slouch when it comes to the social media scene, our city is replete with a reputable number of fashion-forward influencers. Below are a few you can turn to when in need of navigating the tempestuous world of trends.
Text by Hugh Marchand | August 28, 2018 | People

Jenny Berger is a blogger and mother set on saving our many marvelous moms from the post-partum fashion rut, Jenny Berger’s depth of experience navigating all aspects of the fashion industry ensure that we have a true professional to turn to in times of closet confusion. A Dallas-born diva who always brings a refreshing hint of pragmatism to her poise, there’s no better resource out there for our Magic City mothers who want to have it all and look great doing it.

Argentinian-born Andy Faerman’s Instagram profile was one of the first to focus almost entirely on fashion. An effortless integrator of a number of notable looks, the latest thing this social media maven and mother is displaying for her 28,000 followers is a streetwear-inflected style that’s at once effortless and breezy.

A New York-raised public relations pundit only too happy to settle on our own sunny shores, Amanda Brooke’s intuitive approach to trendsetting means she’s just as happy sporting luxury name-brand couture as she is vintage complements and accessories. An inspired artist unintimidated to mix styles, media and textures, if you’re looking for fresh new inspiration, look no further than Brooke’s impressive Insta.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Isa Markman’s wide array of look and styles is her very un-Miami approach. Mostly forgoing our city’s usual skin-tight and legging-enthused look, Markman’s boho breezy styleset is a much-needed breath of fresh air. A fashion student set to graduate this year, we predict big things from this cool and confident fashion-forward femme.

A brilliant blogess entirely unafraid to be unmistakably herself, Carolina Lindo’s edgy, ultra-Miami vibe celebrates everything classically fab about our city’s signature look: skin, sun and an unapologetic urban attitude that makes no excuses for loving life. Her loving compositions and peerless photographs are a serious step above the typical selfie crowd.