In The Moment

Photographer Scott Baker picked up the camera late in life — with the main purpose of sharing his images with family and friends, but soon it was all he could think about. Photography has become his passion, and shooting nature and all things nautical his calling.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 13, 2018 | People

Living in South Florida for more than 6 years now, the primary focus of the work of Scott Baker is hospitality photography: hotels, resorts, lifestyle and yachting. Prior to picking up the camera and pursing photography as his profession, he spent 20 years in the world of marketing and media for the theme park industry. The result of his dedication appears in his images — visually beautiful with a feel for wanderlust that moves the viewer. Baker loves being in mature and catching moments of beauty that remain eternal in an image. “From the very first time I first picked up a camera, I haven’t worked a day since,” he says.;