In & Out

Whether you’re cooped up in your cubicle or corner office or out for a company picnic or Happy Hour celebration, one thing’s certain: What you wear could make or break you.

For Him:
*Style Tip: Jeans & Jacket
If your job has you going from the boardroom to the bar, make sure you arrive at both places in style by investing in a jacket that can work for either occasion. For added oomph, use your buttons as accessories to create formal and informal looks. A striped jacket and shirt will add some additional dimension to your outfit, especially if you decide to pair them with jeans.

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For Her:
*Style Tip: go sleeveless
A sleeveless top will make the time spent behind your desk sipping coffee and the hours at the bar downing Heinekens with co-workers worth it. Typically, darker colors will provide the best impact, and a turtleneck will totally contour your ability to flex your style muscles. Just make sure you do indeed have muscles to flex and watch out for that arm flap that always makes a cameo when you wave.

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Sometimes the colors you choose to wear say more about you than your words ever could. Below are some of the most popular clothing colors and what they mean.

Serious Shade
Black tends to send the message that you’re down to business. Of course, it can be a distraction if you are plagued by pet hair or dandruff.




Creative Soul
Besides being loud, the color orange just screams creativity. Men and women who wear this color regularly are given more artistic tasks at work.




Trust Wear
If you want people to confide in you and give you everything you want, blue is the color that will have everyone handing you their trust on a silver platter.




Passion Clothes
Not only is red the color of all things passion, it is also a color that will have men and women running toward you even if you’re nothing but bull.