Illuminating Warhol

Yellowpop has partnered with The Andy Warhol Foundation to illuminate his most iconic works with modern LED technology — and make them affordable for the home.
Words by Zelda Grant | December 24, 2022 | Lifestyle

The father of Pop Art and ‘60s sensation, Andy Warhol, produced world-changing work that comes to life in striking neon. The artist revolutionized the definition of what “art” could be. He found beauty in the basic, creativity in the everyday, challenging the traditions of the art world. Yellowpop shares his vision of brightening the world with unique art pieces, each numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity. This art really “pops” as neon brings the bright, graphic style to life, perfect for infusing the home with a playful and inventive spirit. Several ultra-limited deluxe neons are available that come with a Yellowpop NFT, granting you access to the inner circle;