I Know What Love Is…

It’s hard work, that’s what it is! People have made millions on the subject and many have tried to explain the differences between men and women in person, online, in print and via any and every medium known to mankind, but not one expert or regular Joe or Jane on this planet has all the answers.
Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual | May 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

The reality is that everyone is different and sharing your life with your better half will frequently have you wondering whether the glass is half empty or half full. But it shouldn’t be like that. If it’s half full, don’t be afraid to fill it up until it overflows! If it’s half empty, fill up the other half as soon as you can — with lots and lots of love! Nowadays, it’s too easy to give up on a relationship. Hurdles, challenges, setbacks, deadlines and shifting moods can add up very quickly — and as Sweet Brown so eloquently put it back in 2012: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But the reality is that we should always make time for love. Because without it, none of us would be here.

“If you’re not willing to put in the time it takes to make love work, you might want to reconsider whether you’re in the right relationship.”

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