Human Story

For DJ Rahsaan “Fly Guy” Alexander, DJing and photography are branches on the same tree of artistic expression. His new show Captured: A Portrait Of the Pandemic is more than just an intriguing exhibition, it’s an evocative experience.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 29, 2022 | Lifestyle

DJ’ing at its highest level is about capturing a moment. “The audience feels anything from nostalgia, to a heightened sense of excitement, to being put into a sonic trance,” says DJ Rahsaan “Fly Guy” Alexander. “I equate photography to DJ’ing in that sense. My style of shooting is about capturing a moment that will never be duplicated. When I see a certain kind of energy on the dancefloor, something like a voice in my head tells me where I should go next with the music. It’s a response to what I’m observing in front of me.” With the images he captures, it’s a similar process — he observes the environment around him, and then a “voice” tells him to take the photo. CAPTURED: A Portrait Of The Pandemic at HistoryMiami features more than 60 images that serve as a visual representation of experiences and attitudes resulting from the life-altering year of 2020 when our community struggled with the realities of a pandemic, racial injustice protests, homelessness and an entertainment industry on the brink of implosion; Now through Jan. 8, 2023;