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In all our journeys through Brickell Avenue’s particularly impressive past, we frankly can’t find a time when homes weren’t chic and eye-catching affairs.

Taken in 1979, the black & white photograph above documents the stately and impressive home that once stood at 2025 Brickell Avenue, now the location of the Atlantis on Brickell Condominiums. Although a beautiful specimen of Magic City architecture in and of itself, this quick pic contains some captivating clues to both the past and future of our financial district. Important for any building that close to our bayside, this structure was raised significantly off of the ground with the aid of stylized concrete pillars, relics of the wooden stilts that raised it in its previous incarnation. Another interested tidbit? The high-rise being assembled behind, a forerunner of some of the larger condo complexes that will explode across the area in the next three decades;