Hospital Hope

Bringing smiles to young patients around the world, Radio Lollipop is on a mission to help make hospital stays as enjoyable and memorable as possible.
Words by Lissette Puerto | June 26, 2019 | Lifestyle

Did you know that before reaching the age of 14 that 1 in 4 children will be admitted to a hospital? Or that studies show that a calm child recovers better than a child who is stressed? Focused on “The Healing Power of Play,” Radio Lollipop provides a much-needed distraction to young patients during their stay in the hospital in Miami and around the world. Throughout the day, care, comfort and entertainment take center stage — from requesting their favorite songs to winning prizes and even hearing their own voices on the radio! These activities provide them with a sense of normalcy in an environment that would otherwise be very scary. Radio Lollipop volunteers receive full training and get to work closely with nursing professionals, medical staff and hospital administrators throughout the entire process;