Home Of Hope

Practically synonymous with charitable giving in Miami, Camillus House is a volunteer-driven outreach project fighting the good fight in our inner city. Coordinating this flock of selfless samaritans is Alessandra Laricchia.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 11, 2018 | People

Established in 1960 as an overnight shelter driven by the tenet that every human being is deserving of love, respect and dignity, Camillus House has since exploded into a “system of care” altruistically altering the lives of thousands of Miamians every year. Buoyed by a bevy of volunteers from all walks of life, Community Relations Manager Alessandra Laricchia helps conduct this compassionate cascade into an effective philanthropic force that provides everything from thrice daily meals to vocational training for the less fortunate. First introduced to this charitable effort in high school, Laricchia gets a particular joy watching people acclimate to a place she considers home. “I love seeing volunteers come in, a little hesitant about what to expect, and learning to see the homeless as people,” she says. One point she drives home whenever given the opportunity? “Anything you read pales in comparison to what you see on our campus,” she says. “Come by and take a look!”;