Holistic Massage

Thai Reflexology, often called Thai Foot Massage, is an old, safe and wonderful healing method. It’s easy to do and requires no formal training. The right tools can help focus the effects.
Words by Stacy Wynn | January 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

While Thai body massage and Thai yoga massage are gaining in popularity, Thai Reflexology Massage remains the most popular and with good reason. There are hundreds of different reflexology pressure points in the foot and hands that are thought to correspond with different organs and parts of the body. But getting to these exact points is not always easy. That’s where wooden Thai massage tools come in. For example, the small end at the tip of a massage stick can locate critical points more accurately than the much larger pad of a thumb. Plus, a greater amount of pressure can be applied onto the small surface, resulting in knots of tension being broken up more effectively. Thai massage tools are available for the hands, face and other key body parts as well to rub aches away like never before;