His Day

Sebastian Garcia, Creative Director of Sartori Amici, and his brainchilds the distinguished My Grooms Room and Shark Tank-winning The Lapel Project, stand out in a field of lackluster formal wear.

When it comes to events where you want to look and feel your best, your wedding day tops the list. No one should advise a groom to wear used, ill-fitting clothing on that most special day. So why do so many do just that? “The men’s formal industry seems like a saturated market stuck in the Ice Age era where all men grunted and looked like they all shared the same potato sack for an outfit,” says Sebastian Garcia. “The lack of creativity is appalling. True elegant presence seems to have been lost until now.” Garcia and his team give their grooms that Bruce Wayne effect. “Heads are turning and the bride’s eyes are engulfed with enchantment and satisfaction walking down the aisle,” he says. The consultations are in depth, asking for the time of day, location, color scheme and dress code. They even ask to see the bride’s dress. “We suggest that there should be uniformity mixed with elegance but without giving off the prom vibe that so many generic weddings give off,” he says. “Your wedding party should always be a step above your guests.” Garcia is sensitive to the wallets of his clients so the suit and tuxedo packages with free alterations start at their competitors’ rental prices. Quite the deal for the deluxe styling of what Sebastian and his team aptly call #SartoriLife;