High-Rise Gardening

With Autumn comes images of fresh herbs and veggies harvested from backyards. But what if your home is 30 stories high in the sky? Here are a few great products that bring the garden into your home no matter what floor you live on.
Text by Jen Mangham | June 10, 2018 | Lifestyle

1. New Garden Smell: Plant The Future’s Home Fragrance is a nature-inspired scent that’s a mixture of unique, refreshing botanicals. Available in a 4 oz, terrarium bottle;




2. Diverse Herbs: Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden is an intelligent gardening product with a high-tech, self-watering plant system that grows multiple herbs at once; $79;





3. Window Wow: Control how much sun your plants get even when you’re not home with Sonte Film, the first Wi-Fi enabled smart film. Once applied to windows, the app-controlled film goes from opaque to clear in seconds;




4. Easy Eating: Endlessly Organic is an organic produce-buying club that delivers farm-fresh organic goods to over 50 pickup locations throughout South Florida, including 3 spots in the Brickell/Downtown Miami area;




5. Lush Accent: Woolly Pockets’s new Living Wall Planter is a modular design for vertical growing that features a hard vented shell and a sturdy shape equipped with a self-watering tank to transform a bare wall into a green one; $26.99;




6. Wall Life: Grow a living wall easily with Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters, featuring handmade planters designed to use the micro fibers in felt so that all the plants are watered equally;




7. Bold Balcony: Greenbo railing planters create a functional and edible container garden on your balcony’s railing perfect for growing herbs in small spaces;





8. Nature’s Art: Airplantman Designs are perfect for those lacking a green thumb and don’t want to fuss over keeping their wall green. The lightweight aluminum frames allow you to display soil-less air plants in creative, inspiring ways;