High-Energy Workout

The Peloton exercise bike was dubbed the greatest fitness success story of recent years. The Peloton Tread is destined to revolutionize how we work out even further.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

The $1.25 billion company Peloton spent 18 months secretly working on what is only its second-ever product, launching a new way to run, walk, do off-treadmill strength training and more. Their new $4,000 treadmill is a sleek piece of equipment featuring a 32-inch touchscreen tablet that immerses the user in live and on-demand workouts with the stellar content that sets the company light-years ahead of the competition (not that they really have any). The sleek powder-coated carbon steel rails begs you to put it in your living room for guests to admire, but connects to a sturdy platform that gives a road feel due to connected slats on ball bearings and won’t shake when you’re sprinting through intervals. Want to bust your quads? Set it to the 15% incline;