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Hi-Rise Trailblazer

KAR Properties’ Shahab Karmely builds developments that the future will look at and judge kindly. He believes that quality now, and factoring in room for future technology, will last for decades and is the correct way to build.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photo by Coco Jourdana Photography | October 28, 2019 | Design & Real Estate

“Live in the best home you can afford. Your two most important investments are your home and your children’s education.”

Shahab Karmely, Founder & CEO of KAR Properties has been discovering new neighborhoods since 1986, starting with the renaissance of New York’s West Side with a warehouse conversion on 11th Avenue. The property had been a car dealership with car storage above. Karmely and his partners transformed it into showrooms for Persian rugs and decorative arts. “We had the backing of the Mayor’s office as we were helping keep industry in the city,” he says. 

With One River Point, he ushered in bespoke luxury to the Miami River and now he’s continuing that momentum with 2000 Ocean in Hallandale Beach. “I escaped during the revolution in Iran in 1978,” he says. “I was 15 years old and found myself on my own, in a new public high school. It was scary at first but the experience taught me early on that you need to be able to do for yourself — mush as I have done as a developer, where one has to be resilient and a problem-solver.” 

KAR Properties developments are defined by great aesthetics: openness of space, muted and natural color palettes and light and movement. “The property should be suited to the environment, while at the same time featuring state-of-the-art-technology such as the IT room (every modern building should have one, but most don’t!) and AI Monitoring like at 2000 Ocean,” he says. “We’ve also built in flexibility, with additional access points and wiring tunnels for future technology…and we’ve partnered with the best luxury brands, those who share our love of quality.”