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Hi, Pumpkin!

An endearing autumnal tradition so cheery it almost seems out of place this close to the equator, the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival is an excellent pre-Halloween recreational outing ideal for children of all ages.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 8, 2018 | Culture & Art

Hosting a number of notable new features (including a full carnival featuring kiddie roller coasters, fair foods and that most integral image of Magic City amusement, the bounce house, as well as age-old favorites like a cornstalk maze and scarecrow village, come down to The Grove and enjoy an age-old example of authentic Americana;

A creepy carnivale that could only be contained by our own ever-up-and-coming Arts District, Hallowyn is an adults-only cavalcade of costumed fun featuring everything Wynwood can throw at it including a ferocious (if frisky) amalgamation of live music, art performances, costume contests, a number of our cities finest food trucks and more. One of the crowning features of the evening is the 240-ft. jumbo screen LED playing everyone’s favorite monstrous musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sure to be a night you wish you’d remember!;

We’ve all been there. That most ghastly of holidays crept right up, and there you are without a costume. Check out these quick tricks to keep you looking more ghoulish than foolish on all hallow’s eve.

Dress like your favorite reporter and use a metal hanger to make your necktie stick up. Use a mic and wind-blown umbrella as props. If you’re feeling festive, add in some newspaper pages and branches for extra ooomph.


Perfect for the tech set, this outfit is a quick solution for procrastinators everywhere. Take a plain white tee, stick some cardboard in the middle, and with a sharpie write “404 Error: Costume Not Found.” Or you can just order a shirt online.


Bid farewell to hurricane season with a clever take on Mother Nature’s fury with a Lighting Strike DIY costume for two. Take an old umbrella and white shirt and make them look like they’ve been through a heck of a hurricane…Irma, who?!