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Heavenly Forms

Lua, which means “moon” in Portuguese, is the name of the 14th collection from Miami-based global designer atelier Adriana Hoyos. It features 21 celestially crafted pieces inspired by the different phases of the moon and their inherent energy, textures, silhouettes and colors.

Meaning “moon” in Portuguese, the Lua Collection from Adriana Hoyos was inspired by the phases of the moon. Marked by unique shapes and contours with distinct, eye-catching design moments, the subtly elegant pieces of Lua at Adriana Hoyos are designed to appear as if they are floating with curved organic forms inspired by the full, half and crescent moon phases. The Lua Chaise Lounge evokes a feminine silhouette with womanly curves and a crescent moon shape; the collection’s Lunar Stone and Lava Granite finishes resemble rock-like craters, while colors are warm and pay homage to the ombre shades of the sky as the moon rising. Lua includes shades in butterscotch, berry blue, olive green, petroleum, black and white. Every piece of the collection, including sofas, loveseats, upholstered chairs, ottomans, daybeds, coffee tables, end tables, consoles and dining chairs, is available through their brand new showroom in Coral Gables;