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At the core of my philosophy is prevention. The diversity of diagnostic tests that we offer allows us to provide our patients with information that many times prevent the development of serious conditions, some of them life-threatening. With heart disease as the leading killer of both men and women in the U.S., I’m always seeking the best diagnostic tests available in order to predict the likelihood of heart disease as early as possible. In our office, we recommend a Cardiac CT for calcium scoring to my patients who have any indicator that increases their likelihood for heart disease. The most common indicators that we see include a family history of heart disease, high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and being physically inactive. The Cardiac CT for calcium scoring is a convenient way to determine the presence of plaque in the heart, which then informs us if you are at increased risk to suffering a heart attack. When plaque is present, we are able to immediately modify your risk and decrease your future risk through making lifestyle recommendations. Our patients often marvel at how easy it is to take this test, as it administered like an X-ray during a routine examination. The radiation exposure is not more than receiving several chest X-rays, but the information is invaluable. This quick turnaround of information allows us to give immediate advice that provides patients with the peace of mind of knowing that they have a customized health and wellness plan when walking out of our office.
EliteHealth provides healthcare at the highest level, with all diagnostic testing, including state-of-the-art prevention screening, under one roof. Annual membership plans are available which include EliteOnline, Prevention Plus and Executive Wellness plans. EliteHealth offers members such advanced diagnostic tests as heart scans, body scans, heart stress tests and calcium scoring, with on-site lab processing. To schedule a Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring with Dr. Schnur, call 205.672.9989 or visit

Breathe In
The IQAir HealthPro Series is a compact office and home air cleaner that offers multi-filtration to remove allergens including dust mites and mold spores as well as anything else that contaminates the air you inhale. It also features V5 cells for advanced gas and odor removal. Double-wall housing and sound-absorbing pads make it easy to forget the HealthPro is even on. For more information, visit

Office Elbow
A play on the term “Tennis Elbow” used to describe someone who flips through their paperwork so quickly they could hurt themselves while at work.




Deadline Savior
Instead of pumping your veins with coffee, sugar and soda, opt for a healthier alternative, the crash-free 5-Hour Energy Drink, available at most convenience stores and gas stations.




Power Nap
If you want your co-workers to be more efficient at the office, make sure to have management install an Energy Pad from MetroNaps. Procter & Gamble, Google and Cisco already have theirs.




No Pleasure
It’s a rare person that can mix business with pleasure. If you plan to take some much-needed vacation time, make sure to leave the laptop and cellphone at home.