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Grand Graffito

One of many muralists aesthetically enhancing our diverse cityscape, Miami-raised Luis Valle’s many-hued murals add an optimistic note to our emergent urban areas.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 8, 2018 | Culture & Art

A magical muralist imbuing our city with a powerful patina of mythic immensity, the works of Nicaraguan Artist Luis Valle can be seen wherever our civic institutions value the importance of public arts projects. From permanent installations at Miami Children’s Museum and Overtown Youth Center to a staggering array of exhibitions across the continental U.S., whatever the venue, Valle’s bold shamanic stylings are above all intent on reminding an overly-capitalized culture the importance of the fruits of the spirit. “The creation of the work is a spiritual process in itself,” he says. ”With concentration on my breath, I fall into a meditative state as I create — in a sense, my painting is a form of yoga.” Perhaps his favorite canvas? The female form, which Valle still paints at various events around the world;