Go For The Gold

Smartphones are not a long-term investment.
Words by Jorge Arauz | April 27, 2021 | Luxury

In fact, they start depreciating the moment you put in your SIM card — unless, of course, you get the jawdropping Caviar Goldphone. To create their world-famous elite designs, Caviar normally uses 750 gold (18 carat), which is more practical in everyday life. But this time, to give the greatest value to the accessory and make sure that no one tries a slick switcheroo, the jewelers are using the purest 999.9 gold (24 carat). The to-die-for casing is the gorgeous shape of a gold bar, with an indication of the gold purity, manufacturer and limited edition on the surface. It’s both understated and uber-bling. Each piece of this rare series will be packaged in a white luxurious case-safe, perfectly matching the color of gold and protected by a combination lock. iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy 21 models will be available in a limited edition of a mere 7 pieces each;                                Starting at $159,000; Caviar.Global.