When the beauty editors at wildly popular decided to embark on the mission of taking their industry insight and expert eye for the aesthetic to create their own beauty line, Glossier was born.
Text by Mariela Ortega | February 9, 2018 | Fashion

Created not just to cover up imperfections but to make perfections stand out, Glossier celebrates the concept of beauty by embracing real women. Skincare is the foundation for this brand and its lineup, from lip balm to eye shadow — is created to treat your skin with the love it deserves. The brand has an extremely curated selection of products designed to make our lives as uncomplicated as possible. Through it all, they’ve been able to create a very approachable brand that melds with an exquisite Instagram feed, alluring packaging and the idea that the brand is every girl’s best friend, thus living up to their slogan: “Beauty In Real Life.”;