Global Local

During her 9-5 job, Mandy Mizell is a traveling salesperson in the pharmaceutical industry, so it was natural for her to create a travel blog. The Flohemian: Your Guide To An Offbeat Florida Lifestyle embraces a beachy Bohemian spirit while wandering the Sunshine State.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | July 31, 2020 | Lifestyle

Mandy Mizell thinks of herself as a digital tour guide. A freelance writer for local tourism boards, she’s constantly on the lookout for authentic Sunshine State destinations, making @TheFlohemian her next natural step. The blog is intended to be “For Floridians By A Floridian” and covers unique destinations, style, Sunshine State history and culture. “I had gone through several blogs on topics ranging from marine science to ethnic food,” she says. “My blog was initially called The Global Local to inspire people to backpack in their backyard. One day, my former manager described me as a “Floridian Bohemian,” and I replied “I’m a Flohemian!” I was really able to build my brand around that concept, since my audience looked to me for things that were off-the-beaten-path and catered to the beachy surfer subculture in Florida.” She’s always had a deep appreciation for our state. “I moved from Michigan to Clearwater when I was in first grade,” she says “I remember my dad being very positive and saying ‘We are moving to Florida. We will never need to take a vacation ever again, our life will be a vacation!’” Through all the adventures, she spent her adolescence reading Dave Barry, Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiaasen. “My content is never to be taken too seriously but always in good fun,” she says. Within a year, she would like to open The Flohemian Souvenir Shop and curate a collection of products by Florida businesses and artisans. “My long-term goal is to have a few themed Airbnbs throughout Florida,” she says. “I have dreams of having a midcentury space-themed condo in Melbourne, a tiki den in Ft. Lauderdale to pay homage to The Mai Kai and a speakeasy-themed house in St. Augustine…”;; @TheFlohemian.