Glimmers of Hope

Inspired by the globally acclaimed The Front Steps Project, award-winning Photographer Wioletta Bublik set out to capture Miami families during quarantine. What she documented has been an inspiration for all those following her journey on social media and around the world.
Portraits by Wioletta Bublik | Interviews by Jorge Arauz | All Portraits @CapturesByViolet | July 31, 2020 | People

The JACOB Family 

“We have recently started family dinners and conversations with our kids to go through some of the topics that are creating doubts in their little heads. If we could all just stop and think about what makes us feel happy and incorporate that into our lives, perhaps will find a way to beat this pandemic by focusing on the good around us.”

The DE ANDA Family

“While brighter times are surely coming, I would encourage other people not to fear the situation we are all currently going through together. There’s always a lesson to learn and experiences which we can take advantage of to grow. As we get through this crisis, we will all be able to become better versions of ourselves, both as individuals and as a society.”

The WOLFSON Family

“It’s so important to take time to breathe and cherish the quality time you have with your family. The frenzy of this pandemic has brought so much negativity in other aspects of our life. I hope everyone can come to realize that love, respect and kindness can truly overcome anything.”


“We are all in this together — it’s okay to reach out and ask for help. Sometimes helping someone else can make you feel better — even if it’s just a phone call!”


“Since safer-at-home measures went into effect, we’ve been enjoying more al fresco dinners on our balcony and participating in weekly virtual game nights with family and friends from across the country. Since we’ve been put in a position where we must pause, let’s try and take it as an opportunity to reset.”


“These are unprecedented times that are impacting all of our lives. We must stay strong and positive and take care of loved ones. It’s more important than ever to stay in touch with family and friends and to offer words of support and encouragement to lift our spirits.”


“First and foremost, we must all aim to stay balanced and healthy — in mind, body and spirit. Moving forward, we cannot take the little things for granted anymore, like being able to hug and kiss friends and family and travel to new places.”


“Hang in there! Nothing bad ever happens that doesn’t have a silver lining somewhere. We might not see it yet, but the current turmoil will undoubtedly bring long overdue changes for the better. We hope that through this difficult time we learn to move forward together, with more tolerance and an open mind.” 


“I hope that this time of quarantine and spending a lot of time at home will enable families to appreciate simple pleasures together. Life is so hectic, and these challenging times have allowed families to slow down and bond. I hope this trend continues and we can all begin to focus on the good things in our lives.”

The HAYNES Family

“Take a moment to acknowledge and validate your feelings. They are valid. Reach out to others through social media, phone calls, get to know your neighbors. There is much to learn in the midst of the stillness that we are experiencing. We’re hoping that soon the pandemic will be a faint memory, a period of time that has yielded a new perspective for the future.”


The hours fearing the inevitable shall pass because anything’s possible if we have hope. Love binds us together, but it is our indifference that can lead us down dangerous paths. Therefore, we hope for a cure to not only COVID-19 but to the world’s indifference.”


“Since the pandemic, we have started a question jar tradition. The kids think of any question, write it down and put it in the jar. We then gather around and pull out the questions, answering them truthfully. It’s crazy what kids will ask you!”  


“As a family, we always try to focus on the positives. For many people, it can simply be having more time to spend with loved ones or to start a new hobby. The lessons we have all learned from this experience will help us start being more conscious about our impact on this planet and on each other.”


“In the near future, when our masks are off and social distancing becomes a term of the past, I hope the newfound gratitude we have for health, family and friends continues to keep us at peace during trying times.”


“If we had to offer any words of encouragement through these challenging times, we hope that you find the strongest power from within to keep you moving forward. We must all keep the faith for a better tomorrow.”

The POLYAK Family

“It has been very difficult for people to stay away from friends and family during the pandemic. Many of us wish the virus would just go away so we can resume our normal activities. Like the rest of the world, we hope everything recovers soon and we can move on to a better, brighter future.”

The PARADIS Family

“We all have the capacity to overcome difficult circumstances and evolve as individuals. Assess this very moment as an opportunity to grow, to prioritize your time and efforts and to create new projects that will give you financial independence. As William Ernest Henley wrote in his poem Invictus: “I am the master of my fate,  I am the captain of my soul.”

The ROSARIO Family

“We must take it day by day, read together, play music, dance and make lots of delicious meals. We purchased a kayak and have been exploring the beautiful natural waterways that South Florida has to offer. This has helped us be out in nature together while still practicing social distancing.” 

The TREJOS Family

“Although many families may be in very close quarters within the walls of the same home, we each have completely different perceptions of perhaps the same experience. Though we may not have all the answers right now, we will get through this and emerge smiling more, laughing more and celebrating this wonderful journey together.”

 The SAMSON Family

“We want to make sure that the time we spend together is quality time. We are doing lots of family activities like cook-offs, spa days and family bike rides. Our most favorite new activity is our family Olympics, where we compete in events against each other!”

The SCHMIDT Family

“Life is too short to be worried about things that you do not have control over. We hope that in the near future a vaccine will help minimize the devastating effects of COVID-19 so that our country and the rest of the world can get back to a normal way of life.”