Glamour Gently

A modern maîtriser of the minimalist makeup mode, Miami-based Cosmetic Artist Champagne “Bo” Satayakul doesn’t create beauty — she accentuates it.
Text by Hugh Marchand Photos by Elliot & Erick | May 11, 2018 | Lifestyle

A Thai transplant to the equally equatorial climes of our Magic City, Champagne “Bo” Satayakul has spent a decade dictating a new timbre of beauty in the aesthetic industry. “Personally, I believe every face is beautiful…separated eyes, thin or pouty lips, the color of a model’s skin — that’s what makes someone an individual,” she says. “I never understand when women talk to me about changing certain features!” Transmuting this philosophical throughline into a delicate deftness with brush and compact, Satayakul’s modishly honest look has earned her sizzling spreads in such diverse publications as Seventeen, Martha Stewart Living and Vogue Italia as well as advertising campaigns for titans like Covergirl and Neutrogena. Think low-to-no makeup means no work in maintaining a healthful glow? Think again. “I always recommend great skincare, and your skin should always stay hydrated,” she says. “If clients have blemishes, I like to individually paint each blemish; that way the skin looks fresh and touchable.”;