A heartful expansion of their characteristically compassionate craftsmanship, Mirto’s Spring/ Summer 2018 line is a bold exploration of print, pattern and palette.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | February 9, 2018 | Fashion


No matter the pedigree, the unveiling of a new line by a fashion house into the hands and minds of our discriminating public will always predicate even the slightest iota of anxiety. Trying boldly to steer the swarming swathes of our fickle fashion consciousness with grace and dignity, the latest line from Spanish shirtmaker Mirto contains both the established and time-tested craftsmanship that have made the brand such a standout with bold forays into material and color that will ensure generations of fashion-focused citizens remain interested in their output. Delicately dancing between age-old standards and tantalizing textures rarely executed appropriately in a man’s shirt line, both Mirto’s Men’s and Women’s collections satisfy on every front;