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Get The Picture?

The visionary vanguards of our notable, if under-appreciated contemporary creative scene, LNS Gallery is an organic testament to our city’s extensive expansion into the wider arts sphere.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 30, 2018 | Culture & Art

Buoyed up by the world-renowned extravaganza that is Art Basel, any outsider might assume that a city now so synonymous with the visual arts would have a rich and well-supported arts scene. Unfortunately for our local artists, however, the daily grit and determination each painstakingly puts into their work is often overshadowed by the glitz, glamour and random B-list celebrity DJ nights that make Basel an event of such acclaim. Here to ensure that our city appreciates the local artists that truly enrich our city 365 days a year is LNS Gallery, owned & operated by husband/wife team Sergio Cernuda and Luisa Lignarolo. Intimately involved with a staggering array of local artists, the duo feels confident that this period of Miami’s art scene is one of the richest in the world. “I truly believe today’s Miami arts scene is equivalent to New York in the 1980’s,” says Cernuda. “Local artists are doing the work, not only commercially, but making a significant impact through education, outreach and all types of mediums.” Currently featuring 13 artists with an emphasis on departed painter Carlos Alfonzo, if you’re looking to expand your art collection in a big way, this place might just have the masterpiece you’ve been searching for;