Get Giggy With It

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an unprecedented 16 million Americans are a member of the gig economy. Below we highlight an app any freelancer needs to carry around in their back pocket.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | October 31, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s a story many freelancers are familiar with: Jessica Perez, professional Victoria’s Secret model, was waiting on yet another large, late check from a client. The difference between Perez and pretty much anyone else who’s ever faced that problem? Perez decided to do something about it. Partnering with a number of impressive app developers, she premiered Tycoon, an app ideal for freelancers, models, photographers…pretty much anyone who hustles in lieu of, or in extension to, their 9 to 5. Featuring a number of impressive accessories, including an easy country-to-country conversion tax calculator, you’re next prompt payment is just a click away;