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Get Bronzed

Between work, more work, and maybe an excuse for a social life, where are you supposed to squeeze in time to maintain that tan? With just a few minutes at Boca Tanning Club, you can keep yourself beautifully bronzed all summer long. Among the highlights is The Boca Beast, a technologically advanced 10-minute tanning bed complete with air-conditioning, mp3 player, aroma therapy and ambient lighting. After all, it’s way too hot for the beach; 305.381.7826,

Super Berry
Move over, pomegranate. Get lost, acai berry. You just got your butts kicked by the newest kid on the antioxidant scene, the maqui berry. Native to Patagonia, these tasty little morsels, when juiced, have over twice as much antioxidant value as acai. The best part is they actually taste good, beat inflammation and promote weight loss! tinmorning cocktail. Maqui Screwdriver, anyone?

Yoga Power
The ancient art of yoga has been around for thousands of years. It is a tried and true practice that incorporates the mental, spiritual and physical bodies. However, for many people in the western world, yoga has become purely a physical practice — just another way to tone the arms and tighten the tush! While you will surely reap those benefits with regular practice, there are many more meaningful and long-lasting results that will keep you coming back to your mat. From a health perspective, yoga has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, balance and coordination. Yoga can also relieve stress and anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression and calm your mind, allowing you to better manage your daily responsibilities. Lastly, yoga can become a pathway for spiritual and personal growth. Pay attention the next time your yoga teacher incorporates a mini-lesson on how to be more present in your life, or on the importance of having compassion and acceptance for yourself and others. As you roll up your mat after your next class, I encourage you to take those lessons and practice them off the mat as well as on.

Nell Amos of Sports Club/LA-Miami holds an M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Nutrition. She’s also a certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor and Holistic Health Counselor. For more information, call 305.533.1199 or visit

Burn Busters
Baked yourself at the beach again? Time to reach for the aloe…or the dairy products! Here are three lesser-known remedies for those days when you’re channeling your inner lobster.

Milk Matters
Guess what? Milk isn’t just for cereal or to mix with chocolate; it also soothes scorched skin. Soak a soft cloth in cold whole milk and apply to your sunburn.




Tea Time
The tannin in tea works wonders on sunburned skin. Gently rinse your pink spots with plain, sugarless black tea. Just make sure to cool it down first!




Oatmeal Remedy
Ever heard that a bath of oatmeal helps alleviate chicken pox itch? Well, it works for sunburns, too. Just blend it into a powder and stir about 1/3 cup into your tub.